Desert Glamping Resort Project on Inner Mongolia Plateau

Desert Glamping Resort Project For Inspiration of Resort Planning & Construction on Highland, Gobi or Desert.

GLITZCAMP is thrilled to be a member of the Desert Lotus Hotel construction and offer high-quality glamping tent to build a comfortable desert accommodation.
Here you can find the inspiration of what functional areas your campsite might need including dining area, sleeping area, and recreation area, etc. And you can also get the structural help from Glitzcamp Glamping Tent Manufacturer. Let’s take a look at the glamping resort project and get more campsite planning suggestions.

Located at the Inner Mongolia Desert Gobi, the Desert Lotus Hotel is the eco glamping hotel, constructed without bricks, cement. It can be divided into the 6 mainly functional partitions including

  1. Sleeping Area;
  2. Dining & Bar Area;
  3. Recreation & Entertainment Area;
  4. Pool Area;
  5. Amphitheater Area;
  6. Featured Desert Activity Area.

Each function area is well planned and closely connected to make them easy to reach. And travelers can fully enjoy the fun of glamping in the desert.

Resort Tent Suggestion
Dining & Recreation Tent Suggestion

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