Weather-Resistant Glass Geodesic Tent for Snowfield Campsite

 Glass Geodesic Tent is a wise choice for snowfield campsite

Glitzcamp also produces geodesic tent for snowfield campsite. If your campsite has beautiful winter sceneries, our weather-resistant glass dome tent will be a wise choice for you.

Glass Geodesic Tent resists harsh weather in winter

The cover of our dome tents is tempered glass which performs well in waterproof and wind-resistant. And our geodesic dome is made of hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, so it can resist heavy snow, heavy rainstorm, and strong wind winds up to 100 -120 km/h or 60-75 mph. Your guests would have a good sleep even it snows heavily outside.

Heating system is available in geodesic tent

Another important factor you should consider is how to keep warm in dome tents. Actually, geodesic dome tent is equipped with the heating system. You can choose a fireplace or heater to provide your customers with a warm space.

Professional team builds a bespoke geodesic tent for you

Geodesic dome tent we build is the most suitable for the campsite in an extremely cold area because the professional team will make a proper plan according to its weather and geographic conditions. It’s appropriate for campsites in some countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway and Canada. We also have geodesic dome tent with PC board to meet your different needs.


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