Reusable Transparent Dome Tent – the best choice for Business Use

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Dome Tent Is Favored by Many Businesses

Dome tent is a wise choice for sales promotion and retail business. Such a business model can also work for pop-up cinema, cafe, restaurant. The wide applications of dome tent are favored by many businesses.
Glitzcamp Glamping Tent provides bespoke dome tents for customers. Here are some advantages of our geodesic tents.


The PVC cover is transparent. The whole tent looks like a crystal house, beautiful and magical. Because of its transparent cover, there is no obstacle for customers to see the goods.

reusable for many times

The life span of our steel framework is 10 years and the PVC cover’s is 5 years so it can be used for many years. With the modular structure, our geodesic tent can be disassembled and assembled for times without damaging the raw materials.

Ultra-short assembly time

The Tent can be built by assembling Pieces. Since assembly is quite simple, if performed by 2 or 3 people, it takes approximately 3 hours to complete a 7m dome tent.

Social Distancing Solution — 4m transparent igloo dome

4m transparent igloo dome can be used as a café dome, dome bar, and so on.

4m Igloo brings hope to people who have been suffering from social distancing for a long time. It creates an independent space for the customer. They can enjoy dining without worrying about the infection. Also, it creates an unforgettable memory that having dining with friends or family in a unique dome tent with soft light. Not only solve the restaurant operators’ problem, the catering business can resume again, but also the safety and health of customers can be guaranteed.


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