Portable Glass Dome House 3-30m for Hospitality Industry

Portable glass dome house is a good option for the hospitality industry. It could deal with the problem of the increasing demand for hotel rooms against a backdrop of undersupply. Glitzcamp is a professional manufacturer of portable glass dome house. The 3-30m portable geodesic dome can be customized manufactured.

Portable Glass Dome House for Constructions

The Dome House is extremely light in weight because the framework of our products is aluminum alloy. It weighs only one third of steel. With the Aluminum alloy materials, you may save more manpower and resources when transporting and constructing the same amount of materials.

Ultra-short assembly time

The House can be built by assembling pieces. Since assembly is quite simple, if performed by 2 or 3 people, it takes approximately four hours to complete a 7m glass dome house. A batch of glass geodesic house can be built up in half a day to deal with the problem of the increasing demand for hotel rooms.


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