Luxury Tented Camp – the Best Choice for Glamping

Luxury Tented Camp Are Best Camping Choices

Glitzcamp has been working to provide all kinds of glamping tents for luxury tented camp, while providing lovers, families and friends with an outside camping experience but the same living standard as their homes.


Glamping is nowadays becoming more and more widely recognized, and people are flooding to enjoy the happiness and joy of getting near to natural beauty.

Some Details about Glamping Lodge Tent

To better fit natural situations in different places, our luxury lodges are manufactured into various shapes, and with structures constructed by steel structures, our glamping tents could serve a long period.


Coverings are specially dealt PVC coated fabrics to provide wonderful accommodating spaces by resisting rain and UV, what’s more, our lodges are flame proof, thus eliminate dangers.

Services and Feelings Provided by Us

Our luxury lodges are temporary structures, their easy-installation and relocatable features give an easier way get access to nature, when you stay far away from modern reinforced concrete structure buildings, you can still enjoy the coziness and pleasantness brought by modern devices and services.


These Luxury Tented Camp vary in shapes and sizes, however, one thing stays the same, the luxurious accommodation that awaits each glamper once inside, and feelings of romantic, adventurous and comfortable would come to people’s mind.


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