Luxury Cocoon Glamping Tent as Lounge and Studio

Glitzcamp New Design – Cocoon Glamping Tent

As a professional glamping tents manufacturer and designer, Glitzcamp has been constantly updating and never stops innovating, in order to give its customers greater choices. Cocoon House is one of the newest tent products from Glitzcamp.

Cocoon glamping tent is inspired by the metamorphosis of the cicada. From the side view, it looks like a cocoon (also cicada pod) in appearance.

With so unique shape, our cocoon tent can be visibly distinguished from other tents, thus capturing people’s attention at their first sight. The distinctive cocoon tent house will make your resorts or campsites stand out from the peers.

Galvanized Steel Framework and Waterproof PVC Fabric

Framed with galvanized steel structures and covered in PVC waterproof fabric, this cocoon tent is undoubtedly a high-quality tent house with good performance.

  • Sturdy Steel Framework

The steel framework of cocoon tent is rust-preventive and weather-resistant, therefore its service life can be more than 15 years. Compared to cabin logs, which is susceptible to moisture corrosion, this dome pod is superior in performance and durability.

  • High Quality Tarpaulin

The covering material of our cocoon glamping tent is 850g white PVC fabric. With the features of waterproof, moldproof, flame-retardant and UV-retardant, PVC membrane has been a common roofing material in tent industry. The 850g PVC fabric has better ductility and tear-resistance than other thinner fabrics.

Flexible Interior Layout for Different Purposes

When it comes to tents, some people may only think of them as accommodation. But not only for that, our glamping tents can be used for more purposes.

Take the cocoon tent as an example. Similar to Dewdrop dome house, the cocoon tent is also an irregular sphere structure. So its interior is completely independent and does not require any support column. This makes for its high plasticity in interior layouts.


With an indoor area of 44㎡, the cocoon tent is both suitable for reception and glamping. With several tables&chairs, as the pictures show, the dome pod can be used as a lounge/studio/dining room. By placing beddings and sanitary ware inside, the cocoon tent can also be suitable for 2-3 persons glamping.

In our Youtube channel, there is a video clearly showing the exterior and interior design of this cocoon tent. If you’re interested, please click Cicada Pod House – Glitzcamp in 2018 China RV Glamping Show to view more details.


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