Glamping Domes – Wise Choice for camping tented resort

Glamping Domes Are Widely Used in Camping

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent, an experienced lodge tent manufacturer, has far more than several types of glamping domes for sale.Due to their graceful shapes, glamping domes are widely applied not only in commercial events but also in wild camping.

Geodesic Domes’ Materials and Their Features

With steel tubes forming triangles, our dome tents are stable and reliable. And due to their most space-utilizing features, one dome tent could generally hold 2-3 people at one time, which is the most appropriate number for a family gathering.

The cover of our geodesic domes is usually white or transparent fabrics. The fabric cover can protect you from rain and UV. Besides, fabrics that we use are flameproof so it can ensure the safety of the environment and people.

Well equipped with accommodating facilities like air-conditioner, these domes would be perfect to live in. It is suitable for camping outside.

Enjoyment and comfort

Glamping with our geodesic domes, people could enjoy the beautiful scenery and the freedom of living in the wild field. And they would not miss the comfort brought by tech, and that’s exactly what glamping wants.


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