Dia.10m Dome Tent For Reception and Cafe – Campsite Recreation Construction

Geodesic Dome Tent for Reception and Accommodation for Glamping Sites Planning

To start a glamping campsite from Zero means a lot of work for the owner. The problem such as planning a camp, getting the permit, selecting a tent structure, adding more service facilities will surround you all the whole time. For the glamping tent part, Glitzcamp is glad to help.

You can take a look at more project details of the mountain resort in Japan, and get some inspiration. In this project, we offer the dia.6m eco living dome for glamping lodge, and a dia.10m geodome tent for reception, dining, and cafe. Let’s see how the dome transforms from dia.6m to dia.10m and turns into a spacious resort reception and cafe house.


Dia.10m Geodesic Dome Tent Designed for Leisure Glamping Experience

Glitzcamp geo dome for glamping site recreation and dining area

  • Exterior Appearance Design

Measuring 10 meters in diameter and totally covering 78.5 square meters, the geodesic dome is covered with cream color PVC fabric, harmoniously merging with the meadow and the scenery.

  • Large Bay Window

The reception dome tent also comes with a large bay window on side to offer a full view of the outdoor landscape. In the meantime, it introduces natural sunlight to shine up the room in days with nice weather. Providing a place for travelers to sit down comfortably and enjoy the scenery.

  • Dome Tent on Cement Deck

When it comes to the selection of installation platform, our client fixed the reception dome on a cement deck. This will not only enhance the performance of wind withstand but also providing more outdoor lounge area to set patio seats. That’s how you can use one dome to connect the indoor and outdoor recreation space.


Spacious and Well Decorated Dome Tent for A Functional Reception

Walking through the glass door, who you will find at once is the host welcoming you with a warm smile. And that’s the reception counter for checking in and out.

Go deeper into the dome, you can find the coffee machine, beverage, snacks, and magazine behind the reception desk. And this is where the self-service bar located. What surrounds the bar is the lounge area.

Apart from the seats along the clear bay window, some more seats are set at the end of the dome. To provide more private seats that can not be seen from the outside. When night falls and romantic light is lit up, couples usually enjoying sitting here and share some quality time with their loved one.


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