Geodesic Tent with Steel Structure for Sale

Geodesic Tent Is Attractive

Dedicated to offering people various kinds of solutions on camping, Glitzcamp Glamping Tent  produces geodesic tent.  It is with graceful shape, numerous fabric styles and various options of configurations. Therefore, the geodesic tent is called the most spacious, lightest and effective design. Combining beauty and utility, it becomes increasingly popular and attractive.


Geodesic tent series are available in a variety of modular shapes and sizes from 6.00m-40.00m in diameter with varying ridge heights ranging from 3.00m-15.00m.


Constructed by galvanized steel pipe and covered by PVC fabrics, the whole structure is stable and reliable as well as weather resistant. The galvanized steel pipe will provide you high safety. And you will be protected from the sun and rain with its waterproof and UV resistant PVC cover.

Camping in the nice shape geodesic tent, the well-equipped dome can assist you with modern comforts while enjoying nature sightings, you can breathe fresh air, chase freedom in the wild and feeling the heartbeat of nature, with the help of our dome tent, camping would really become something interesting.


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