Geodesic Dome Hotel For Campsite on Mountain, or Grassland

Geodesic Dome Hotel – Offer Luxury Camping Experience

Geodesic Dome Hotel is so popular in campsite and resort. First, geodesic dome hotel is 100% eco-friendly and relocatable and leave less damage to the nature environment. We don’t need to bring concrete and brick to ruin the grass, trees, and the whole environment. The geodesic dome structures are strong enough for undertaking any weather in all seasons.  Speaking to interior decoration, it is completely free for you to design any styles according to your surrounding environment. Furnished with everything you need just like a 5-star hotel. Glitzcamp Glamping Tent has been dedicated to providing turnkey solutions to people who want to live a comfortable life when camping outside so that the well-equipped geodome tent became a fantastic solution that both enables nature views and modern comforts.

Structural and Material Features of the Geodome Tent

Different from normal camping tents, these round shape ones are fully covered by UV and rain-resisting fabrics colored white or transparent, and by adjusting the covering percentage of clear fabrics, the tent could become brighter or darker, together with the lighting system, atmosphere and feelings could be made different, thus creating better camping conditions.

Materials for the framework of the geodome could be alternated from steel tubes, and those triangles formed by profiles could make the tent more stable and durable, also our lightweight domes make it possible for quick removal, thus eliminating potential dangers.

Fully Equipped Provide Enjoyable Camping Experience

With all kinds of devices for accommodation, going out for camping in our round structure could be totally fun, besides, our geodome tents are mainly placed to the tourist attractions, wild fields and deep in forests, so you and your friend or family members could enjoy nature sighting easily, and in return, do not miss comforts brought by modern life.


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