Dia.6m Geodome Tents for Luxury Dome Resort – Couple/Family Glamping Lodge

Geodome Tents For Special and Unique Accommodation Experience in an RV Campsite

To those people who like camping out, what can be better than driving their own RV to a campsite to spend a leisure weekend. And that’s why RV campsite is so popular in Countries like United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, Scotland and etc.
As the camping is still so popular, why not consider taking the business to a whole new level by building a geodome tents hotel and offer a unique, eco-living experience.

Start Eco Resort Business with Geodome Tents from Glitzcamp

Owning a large property and yet not knowing what to do with it? Why not building a glamping resort and start a glamping business? But where to find a glamping dome tent company? Glitzcamp is here to help. We do not only offer the dome tent structure but also including the geodesic dome plans to help you build a glamping resort.

  • Dome Tent Framework. All the geodome tents form us are framed with powder coated steel pipe, and hot galvanized steel components.
    -Features: Such a robust framework allows the dome tents to withstand winds at the speeds from 80 km/h to 100 km/h (50 – 60 mph).
  • Dome Roofing Material. Glitzcamp uses high-quality PVC Coated Polyester Tent Tarp in the dimensions of 650 g/sqm and 850 g/sqm to cover the dome roof. The roofing tarp is available in white color, transparent or other custom designed colors.
    -Features: The tent tarpaulin is not only waterproof but also fire retardant according to Europe standard, DIN 4102,B1,M2 and United States standard NFPA 701.
  • Sizes and Dimensions. More than a dia.6m dome that we offer for this campsite project, Glitz Camp also manufactures geodome tents in diameters from 5m to 15m in order to meet the needs of more applications and larger accommodation capacity.
  • Interior Design. Not just basic furniture like beds, chairs and table, insulation cotton and bathroom facilities can also be installed to provide a warm and cozy accommodation.
  • Decks solutions. As a professional glamping resort tent solution supplier, Glitzcamp also offers decks including a timber deck and a steel deck for dome tent installation.

Build A Livable Glamping Resort with A variety of tents structure

Except for dome accommodation, dining and entertaining would also be another important part in a remote campsite. We also provide multi-peak safari tents for a temporary dining banquet halls, as well as the luxury lodge tents in customized size for recreation rooms to meet the overall concept and the structure style of the eco-friendly campsite.


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