Buying a Glass Dome Greenhouse to Grow Plants


Glitzcamp provides glass dome greenhouse for growing plants. It is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you want to have a glass geodesic dome house as a greenhouse, please contact us. We will provide you a bespoke and unique one with enough height and space to meet your needs.

Features of glass dome greenhouse

energy efficient

Owing to the dome’s structure, air and energy circulate without obstruction. Therefore, our products enable natural heating and cooling.

high space utilization

Completely free-standing, there are no internal supports to obstruct you which allows you to made full use of the interior. Depending on the size of the dome, you can create a personal place of a greenhouse with enough space. Besides, the bearing capacity of each joint is 80kg so you can hang the farm tools on it to save floor space and to grow more plants.


Our glass dome greenhouse is waterproof, fire-retardant, and wind-resistant. The cover of the Greenhouse is tempered glass which is excellent waterproof so even in the rainstorm there will be no damage on the Greenhouse. Besides,  it can resist strong wind 100-120km/h with unique reticulated shell structure and high strength aluminum alloy profiles. You needn’t worry about the heavy rain and strong wind. The temperature difference of tempered glass is -100 to 280℃ which is 3 times as ordinary glass.

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