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Medium Height Swimming Pool Enclosure – Rotunda Enclosures for Sale

Swimming Pool Enclosures to protect swimmers when bad weather

Are you looking for ideas to build a swimming pool enclosure, so that you can swim no matter in cold winter or under pouring rain? Glitzcamp is not just a company that is specialized in glamping tent manufacturing. Far more than that, we also offer swimming pool enclosures to protect home used or hotel pool.


Glitacamp is here to offer transparent glass/polycarbonate roofing structures to fully cover pools. It allows swimming outdoors to embrace the natural even when bad weather occurs. Moreover, the bi-parting enclosure also offers a covered poolside lounge for the outdoor relaxation area.

Prefab Swimming Pool Enclosures For Sale

Glitzcamp also offers custom designed service to help you prefabricate a perfect swimming pool enclosures. Not just a freestanding enclosure, we also manufacture the lean-to enclosure that can be attached on a solid building to construct an extension pool enclosure.


The height and length can also be customized according to the actual dimension of your pool.
Not only the enclosures structures with sliding tracks, but we also sell trackless enclosures to construct pool covers on the unbreakable ground without leaving any trace mark.


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