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Clear Spa Enclosures with Automatic Telescopic Sliding System

Build Your Own Outdoor Jacuzzi or Greenhouse with Spa Enclosures

What is the most relaxing to enjoy a spa or jacuzzi bath? Instead of staying indoor surrounded by walls, why not move it outdoor to the nature under spa enclosures. Glitcamp offer outdoor free-standing spa enclosures with transparent skylight to admire the nature view.


The extension enclosures from Glitzcamp are framed with aluminum alloy, and covered with reinforced glass/polycarbonate sheet. They are durable enough to share lifespan of over 20 years or even permanently. Let along with the framework, we have also developed multiple fixation methods to firmly installed the enclosures on any surface. They are the precast modular structure that can be installed a fixed within hours.

Application Extension for Auto Retractable Enclosures in Customized Size and Shapes

All the enclosures from Glitzcamp are available in customized sizes to meet practical needs. They can be the tall/high enclosures for outdoor free-standing restaurant, small enclosures for backyard greenhouse, single sloped enclosures to be the cafe extensions that attached to the house or solid building or gable enclosures for porch extension.

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