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Glass Pool Enclosures to Cover Outdoor Inground Swimming Pools

Are you looking for pool covers that are more durable than a single layer of vinyl-coated polyester?


Comparing to a PVC covers that should be periodically replaced, the tear resistant and waterproof performance of our glass pool enclosures are proven to be better after long-term exposure. They are framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy, and covered with glass or polycarbonate panel, which allows them to be durable for over 20 years.

Glass Pool Enclosures to Fully Cover Outdoor Spa or Hot tub

The glass pool enclosures build up an enclosed space isolated from pollutants like tree leaves, dust and raindrops to protect the pool from being polluted. Meanwhile, the transparent panel will not block the sunlight to run UV disinfection to the pool.


As the project shows, a trackless retractable enclosure system can also be set for remote control. Width and height can be custom made to build a room for outdoor lounge or greenhouse extension. Whether you want free standing enclosures, single sloped enclosures, or tall enclosures for the hotel pool, we can all make that happen.


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