Two Peak African Safari Tents for Family Glam Camping Accommodation

African Safari Tents for Luxury Glamping Accommodations

As the concept of In-depth attractions development spreads, the method of constructing eco glamping resorts to offer tourist accommodation seems to get more and more popular. Recently, Glitzcamp has completed the first phase of building the African Safari Tents for an Outdoor Sports & Activities Campsite.

Design of The African Safari Tents for Couples and Family

The two-peak african safari tents are composed of two hexagon tents and one viewing deck, being fixed on a wooden and steel foundation. Inside the glamping resort tent contains one bedroom with attached bathroom and one living room. The luxury glamping tent does not only include the function of resting, but also bathing and entertaining.
Such a safari tent makes adequate space to accommodate a couple or a small family with 2 – 3 members. And balcony tables and chairs can also be set outdoor on the steady viewing deck to offer a leisure space with spectacular view.

Of course, as a professional glamping tent provider, Glitzcamp also sell Dia.6m – 10m eco living dome in half sphere shape for honeymoon couples, and large multi-peak safari tents with more utility space.

Structural Information of the African Safari Tents

The luxury lodge tent is framed with galvanized steel tubes and being roofed with waterproof canvas. When it comes to the wall material, Glitzcamp encloses the african safari tents with wooden panels, glass walls and panels wall coated with rammed earth. This help adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity.
Such a glamping lodge tent does not only look attractive, but also provide a comfortable, unique and unforgettable living experience for tourists.

Actually, Glitzcamp has also provided another two luxury glamping tent types in different dimensions to cater different capacity and interior facilities needs. One is the hexagon lodge tent with one room and one attached bathroom. Another is the large safari tent with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one living room for a bigger family with 3 – 4 members.

You can also directly contact us with your needs and ask for a solution.


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