13Ft Geodome Tent for Garden Igloo dome House – Outdoor Living Domes

Outdoor Living Dome Home is a new trend for people who loves nature and pursue a new way of living. Dome home allows people to think out side of the box and enjoy freedom of living close to nature with relocatable modular geodesic structures.

Dome Home, a good choice for outdoor living

The unique design creates more space than any other glamping structure. They form an ideal accommodation, with the large panoramic bay window overlooking natural landscape. These durable solutions for self-assembly can be used in the most remote locations, all year round.

Our geodome tent is UV-resistant and waterproof because the cover of the is PVC coated polyester tarp. It enables us to stay outdoors by protecting us from the sun damage and heavy rain.

Ultra-short Assembly Time for Outdoor Scaffolding

The Dome House can be built by assembling the modular structure. Since assembly is quite simple, if performed by 2 or 3 people, it takes approximately 4 hours to complete a geodome tent.

Safe for Glamping Outside

These triangles formed by alloys are also attracting people’s eyes, with these triangles’ help, it would never be possible for our geodesic dome to collapse, thus ensure safety while glamping outside.


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