Geodesic Dome and Safari Tents For Desert Glamping Resorts


Escape to Middle East Desert, and Enjoy A Luxury Glamping Vacation

Where would be your dream destination to go for a luxury glamping? Is it the tropical sea islands or beaches in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia? The Lakeside or forest in Canada, United Kingdom, United States or Netherland? The Mountain or national park in Mexico, Chile, India? Or African style safari glamping adventure in Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania? Not adventurous enough? How about glamping deep into the desert dome camp in the Middle East desert?

Recently, Glitzcamp has finished a desert glamping resort project in the middle east, where is dry and hot in daytime, windy and cold in the night time. We provide 3 hotel tents solutions and 1 campsite dining tent design to offer cozy glamping accommodation for those who love nature landscape but hate discomfort. Let’s take a closer inspection, and know more about our hot sale resort tent products.

luxury glamping campsite in Jordan, Saudi arabic, UAE, Dubai

Project Detail of the Desert Glamping Resort Tents

In order to build a campsite with both the functions of habitation and relaxation, Glitzcamp has provided 4 glamping tents designs to meet the requirements.

Executive Suites for 3 – 4 People
Total Footage: 36 sqm.
Room Design: Living room + Bedroom + Bathroom.

Two-peak Safari Tent

The large two-peak safari tent containing one living room, one bedroom and an attached bathroom offers a larger living space. Furniture like sofa, side table, or queen chair can be set to offer an extra relaxation area. As an alternative design, the multi-peak safari tent can also be a large family suite with two bedrooms to accommodate 3 – 4 people

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Couple or Family Suite for 2 – 3 People
Total Footage: 24 sqm.
Room Design: Bedroom + Bathroom.

Single Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

Compared to the two peak safari tent, the lodge tent is smaller without the living room space. But, queen size bed or twin single beds can be set to offer adequate lounge and sleeping area for 2 – 3 people. Essential furniture and facilities such as the nightstand, chairs, small table can also be set. And bathroom space is also included in the design.

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Panoramic Dome Suite for 2 – 3 People
Dimension: Dia.6m, 3m in height.
Room Design: Bedroom + Bathroom.

Eco Living Dome

The glamping dome tent with 1/3 transparent and 2/3 white, provides a perfect indoor viewing platform to the breathtaking desert landscape. And also protecting customers’ privacy and perfectly sheltering the bathroom area. This is exactly the room, where you can fall asleep under the starry sky, and wide awake in the bright sunlight.

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Reception, Lounge & Dining Dome Hall
Dimension: Dia. 25m, 10m in height.
Holding: 200 – 250 people.

Large Geodesic Event Dome

Also designed as 30% transparent, the large event dome also shares an unblocked view from inside to the outdoors. And Arabic folding screens are also used to divide the bar area, lounge area, reception area, and the dining area. The large geo dome tent would be able to hold 200 – 300 people at the same time, to have lunch/dinner or party.

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Comprehensive Glamping Tent House Solution From Glitzcamp

— Resort tent solution according to campsite location, and climate.

As a professional glamping resort tent supplier, Glitzcamp is dedicated to providing the livable and comfortable glamping accommodation. Therefore, glamping tent house solutions are all specially designed to cope with local climate and terrain condition of the desert glamping resort

  • Ventilation and temperature control. According to campsite temperature and humidity, Glitzcamp will offer glamping tent solution with insulation facilities like air-conditioner, mesh windows, insulation cotton layer to preserve heat in winter, and stay cool in summer.
  • Pre-installed platform or foundation. For Glamping hotel project on the beach, desert, lakeside, or any uneven soft ground, the glamping tent with a preset platform would be required for a long-term glamping business. Platform are optional between wooden platform and a steel frame platform. Tell us in advance, so that we could provide a more accurate solution.
  • Roofing and sidewall material. The roof and wall material is another element to see if the glamping tent is really appropriate for your location. Therefore, we offer waterproof canvas, PVC coated polyester fabric, and wooden panel for those campsites in hot humid area, or cold snowy area.

Desert Glamping Resort Tents Hotel With Custom Designed Solution

— A glamping campsite with exclusive identity.

As an experienced and professional glamping dome and safari tent supplier, Glitzcamp also takes the campsite theme into consideration. Therefore, we would offer custom designed service to all customers, to bring the unique design to those glamping sleeping tent.

Bespoke tent tarp color, and graphics

Glitzcamp offer tent tarp in various of color to match the brand or the campsite theme. Therefore, campsite logo or theme graphics printed on the glamping tents can also be made.

Optional ventilation windows.

Glitzcamp offers a wide range of windows for the glamping retreat. Ventilation and viewing windows including round windows for glamping dome igloo, and glass windows or mesh windows for lodge tents and safari tents are also provided.

Optional Door Type

Doors are also customer decided to pair up with the accommodation tent structure. Choices can be made among wooden door, PVC zipper door, and aluminum framed glass door.

Glamping is not camping. It is the perfect combination of comfortable and enjoyable. So, Let’s start a glamping resort in style with GLLITZCAMP.

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