Luxury Hexagon Glamping Lodge Tent

Luxury Hexagon Glamping Lodge Tent


Product Code


Suite Footage

34 SQM


Bedroom Area

Aprox. 20 SQM


Bathroom Area

Aprox. 14 SQM

Lodge Tent Appearance
Interior Design

Build Glamping Campsite with High-Quality Glamping Lodge Tent

If you run a search on Google, Airbnb, Booking, Agoda or other platform with the keyword “Glamping Resort”, the most likely result you will get is a rustic tipi tent framed with wooden poles and canvas. Practically, that’s not glamping.

Glamping should be the combination of comfortable and environmental. It is also the luxury version of camping. Therefore, finding the robust and glamorous looking tent will be your first step of planning a glamp campsite.

Hexagonal Glamping Lodge Tent – The Hotel Tent for Beach Glamping Vocation

As you may have already run a little bit search on the glamping lodge tent type, you must have known the geodesic eco-living dome, which is within our starry dome igloo series.

If your glamping sites are in the forest, farm, winery, or on the meadow, the dome will absolutely be a perfect fit. But if your campsite is located next to or along the beach or desert. The high-peak lodge tent seems to be a better option.

What’s more, if your campsite happens to be located in countries such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan where the pagoda canopy is popular, the high-end lodge tent is absolutely more loved by the native people.

Six-sided Glamping Lodge Tent for Family or Couple Glamping Suite

  • Robust Structure with 15+Yr Lifespan

Shaped as an hexagon covering with a single peak hat, the glamping lodge tent is the high-end luxury tent in a stainless steel structure. The framework has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment The side wall material are optional between panel and canvas.

  • Luxury Suite Covering 34 SQM

The glamping suite totally covers an area of 34 sqm (approx. 366 sq.ft). It offers enough space to set a bedroom, a bathroom, the dining area and a small kitchen to make a comfortable glamping accommodation for a family of 2 – 3 people.

  • Clear span Lodge Tent for 100% Functional Interior Space

The same as most glamping tents from Glitzcamp, the hexagon glamping lodge tent is the clear span structure that having no pole inside. This will offer 100% application space for separating multiple function area, as well as setting decorations and furniture.

For a larger or deluxe suites that covering a larger floor area, we also offered the design of the Twin-peak Lodge Tent, and Triple/Multiple Peak Lodge tent that comes with a total footage of up to 100 SQM (approx. 1076 sq.ft).

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