The Safari Lodge Tent – Campsite Construction Inspiration for Resort In Hot Tropical Area

For those campsite owners who are considering expanding/transforming their business, the glamor camping tent in the video might give you some inspirations on both selecting the tent structures and decorating them.

How to Build Cozy Glamping Accommodation for 4 People?

Structural Framework Data of The Safari Lodge Tent
The Luxury Camping Tent in the video is framed with wood and connected by steel components.
Canvas is used all over the glamping tent to maintain its safari and eco theme. Therefore, the roof and sidewalls are all covered by canvas. And roll up mesh windows are also used to offer ventilation.

What is included within a safari lodge tent

Example of Glamping Tent Interior Design
As a combination of glamorous and camping, Glamping does not only represent adventure but also comfortable.
After opening the zipper/Velcro canvas door, what you can instantly see is a mini kitchen, containing a mini fridge, sink, mini-oven, cooking stove, and cupboard.
Sofa and a small table are set on either side to offer leisure lounge space and dining space.
As exploring deeper in, you will see two bedrooms separated by canvas wall. That is where the double bed bedroom and twin single-bed bedroom located.
As also, an extra covered balcony comes with the installation of the wooden deck, allowing you to invite friends over to the suites, chatting and enjoying the view together.


Luxury Lodge Tent for Glamping Business

luxury lodge tent for glamping campsite on beach lakeside or island (3)

High Peak Lodge Tent

a frame safari tents for lounge banquet family glamping tent suite (1)

``A`` Frame Lodge Tent

luxury glamping lodge tents - tented hotel - glamping resort for tourist attraction (1)

Rustic Tented Resort

Glitzcamp luxury tents for desert resort glamping tents for sale (13)

Luxury Suites with Bathroom

Better Glamping Tent Ideas From Glitzcmap

The solution for A More Comfortable and Robust Resort Tent

When it comes to planning a tropical campsite, there is one thing we can never forget – the climate. As it always stays hot, rainy, and humid in those areas, the factors of Mildew Proof, waterproof, sunproof, anti-corrosion and insulation have to be taken into considerations. Therefore, Glitzcamp has upgraded the safari lodge tent to offer a more livable and robust glamping tent solution for glamorous camping in the tropical area. Changes are as followed:

  • Aluminum framework. Safari lodge tent from Glitzcamp is framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy to withstand wind and heavy rain. It also solves the problem of wood corrosion caused by insects and long periods of rain.
  • Waterproof PVDF tarpaulin. Instead of applying a simple layer of canvas, Glitzcamp covers the roof and sidewall with specially treated canvas or PVDF fabric. Those fabrics are both proven to be mildew proof, waterproof and durable.
  • Suites with Bathroom. In order to offer a more livable and convenient glamping accommodation, bathroom space for shower and toilet can also be included in the suites planning.
  • Temperature control. Other than installing air-condition or stove, extra layers of heat preservation/insulation can also be made from Glitzcamp.
  • Fixation. We have a completed installation/fixation system to help firmly build resorts on any ground surface.
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