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Luxury Lodge Tent for Sale

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent designs and manufactures tent hotels in various shapes and sizes, but to differ from traditional camping, we are offering well-equipped luxury lodge for people who want to admire nature beauty but at the same time do not want to miss the comfort of home.

Structural and Material Feature of Our Luxury Lodge Tent Canopy

To make them safe and reliable, we applied light weight and durable aluminum alloys as main profiles in building our tents, because when faced with dangers, our tent hotels could be easily removed or took into apart, thus eliminating potential threats like collapse.

In order to make our luxury lodge cozy and comfortable to live in, we use high-end printed or curved PVC fabrics as coverings to resist rain and UV, in addition, danger like catching fire would be eliminated because of flameproof features of our covering materials.

Our Tents Offer Nice Experience and Feelings

What would the feeling be when you glamping accompanied by our tents? Imagine you are camping on a vast grassland or by a lakeside, you could taste the fresh air and the starry sky, you could admire the lake beauty and feel the pulse of nature, and still, you could relish pleasantness brought by modern tech and enjoy the freedom of living in the wild field.

To well equip our luxury lodge, accessories and facilities from bathing to catering and from accommodating to furnishing are all necessary, besides, all articles for use are environmentally friendly, thus minimize negative effects on the environment.


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