Transparent Bubble Tent of Multi Functions

Transparent Bubble Tent Is Practical for Camping

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent is dedicated to providing people with functional and practical camping choices, and the transparent bubble tent, looks like a crystal bubble, is definitely capable of meeting people’s demands while camping outside.

Materials and Equipment od the Transparent Bubble Tent

Inside the transparent bubble, stuffs like shelf, bed, desk and light are all well installed, and these complete facilities make the bubble more like a portable hotel, and thus camping outside would be no more suffering.

The transparent bubble tent is wholly covered by clear PVC fabrics, and is inflated to support the whole structure, covered by these rain and UV as well as fire proof fabrics, our tent could offer a pleasant and cozy space for people to accommodate, besides, due to the light weight and durability of fabric materials, the tent could be portable and reliable, thus ensure safety of people and the surroundings.

Our Bubble Will Make You Satisfied

To make people feel totally free from urban life and disturbance, inner space of the transparent bubble tent is kept totally quiet because of the inflate feature, thus making people feel assured and safe, and at the same time, heat or cold from outside could all be eliminated.

Watching stars through the clear top, relishing views via the transparent side and enjoying modern comfort are making a difference, and people’s camping experiences in such a nice tent would be totally different.