Lakeside Dew/Teardrop Glamping Dome Hotel for 2-4 People

Dew/Teardrop Glamping Dome House nearby Lakeside and Beach

Different from Starry geodesic dome tent, Teardrop Glamping Dome shapes like dew or teardrop. It is suitable meetly to set up in the lakeside or seaside.

Dew dome tent also gives those living inside a comfortable and memorable glamping experience. Without doubt, it is a good idea to enjoy your seaside holidays in the dew glamping domes.


Interior Design of Dew Glamping Dome Tent for 2-4 people

Each dew dome tent for glamping is furnished with single beds, a dining table with chairs and an air-conditioner etc. What’s more, this luxury glamping dome tent provides bathing and entertainment for your comfort and pleasure. A dew dome tent makes roomy living space enough for 2-4 people,such as couples, nuclear families, and small teams.


Dimension and Specifications of Dew Eco-Living Dome

The bottom circle of a dew dome tent has a diameter of 7m, and interior living space reaches 38.5 sqm. And the dew eco-living domes are fixed on a steady and secure foundation. It protects dampness good and can effectively prevent infiltration of ground moisture.

In addition, Glitzcamp also offers other types of glamping tents for sale, such as African-style wild safari glamping tents and luxury lodge tents with mono, twin or multi-peak which have larger inner space and can hold more people.


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