Simple and Unsophisticated Glamping Lodge

We Have Glamping Tent for Sale

Glitzcamp Glamping, to offer people multi choices, has been developing all kinds of tents for camping outside, and up to now, we have different styles of hotel tents for sale, the simple and unsophisticated glamping tent is one of them.

Reliable and Well-equipped Glamping Tent

Generally, our reliable and portable tents could hold 2-4 people at one time, which is the best choice for families, and with the help of top quality fabrics which resist rain and UV, cozy and pleasing space would be provided for accommodation. In addition, our light weight aluminum alloys and fire proof fabrics work together to ensure the safety of surroundings and people.

Though simple and unsophisticated, our glamping tent is well equipped with facilities and settings including cooking, bathing, accommodating, furnishing, lighting and sighting, so people will enjoy modern life as they do in their homes even if they camping in remote areas.

Feelings of Camping with Our Tents

Lying under the starry sky, breathing fresh air, admiring nature scenes, relishing convenience of modern tech and enjoying freedom of the open air, life would be so interesting and enjoyable, and that’s what a glamping tent want to emphasize in the end.

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