Safari Lodge in African Style

Safari Lodge in African Style for Camping

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent works hard to provide people with high quality and luxury glamping tents to enable a whole new, different, glamorous camping experience and the African style safari lodge could be a totally different choice for glam camping outside.

Safari Lodge Materials

To ensure safety and durability of the tent, we use aluminum alloys as main profiles, so that when faced with dangers, the structure could not collapse and can be removed easily, together with colored PVC fabrics as main covering materials, the safari lodge could resist rain, fire, and UV and eliminate heat and cold when weather is bad, thus working in partnership with air-conditioning system to form cozy and comfortable living condition.

Our Glamping Safari Provides Best Care While Camping

Camping accompanied by the African style tent, people would feel totally different, and to maintain its stylish feature and not to do harms on environment, we do not apply much decoration and many modern devices to the safari lodge, but it actually does much better than normal ones.

With lighting system, atmosphere of the night could be changed with the color of light and chandeliers, and you could enjoy the starry night with a full set lodge.


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