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Buying a Glass Dome Greenhouse to Grow Plants

Our company Glitzcamp provides glass dome greenhouse for growing plant which combine beauty with utility. If you want a glass dome greenhouse, please contact us. We will provide you a bespoke and unique one with enough height and space to meet your needs. ...

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Geodesic Dome With Colored Frame

Glitzcamp is the professional manufacturer of glamping tents for resorts, hotels, and campsite etc.  It manufactures geodesic dome for customers. Here are some features of our geodesic dome. Good-Quality & Portable It's high quality. Aluminium alloy, the material of our glass dome house, has been used in...

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Portable Glass Dome House 3-30m for Hospitality Industry

Portable glass dome house is a good option for the hospitality industry. It could deal with the problem of the increasing demand for hotel rooms against a backdrop of undersupply. Glitzcamp is a professional manufacturer of portable glass dome house. The 3-30m portable geodesic dome can...

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GLASS GEODOME FOR YOUR VARIOUS NEEDS Glass geodome is an eco-friendly, efficient, affordable and portable structure. These domes can be used in back yards, fashion shows, hotels, art shows, product launches, film sets, concerts, trade shows or other occasions as home stays, greenhouses, showrooms etc. Glass...

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