45sqm Luxury Safari Tent for deluxe game lodge and jungle glamping resort

Build Glamping Game Lodge With Luxury Safari Tent

As the rise of glamping vacation, traveling and living comfortably on a remote scenery spot has become possible. Far more than that, people would like to go deeper and further to have a unique experience.

Therefore, the rainforest or jungle in Indonesia, Ecuador, Philippine, Fiji, Brazile and the wildlife prairie in Africa is another new destination for glamping adventure.

So what kind of glamping tent structure better meets the needs of a campsite in rainy or sunny area, what to consider when finding the structure for a jungle camp?  The Triple peaks Luxury safari tent from glitzcamp might have the answer.

Luxury Safari Tent Specially Designed For Tropical Rain Forest, Jungle and Wildlife Park

– Heavy-duty glamping tents for 5-star lodge in humid and hot area

  • Heavy-duty framework.

The luxury safari tent from Glitzcamp is framed with galvanized aluminum profile. Comparing to wooden structure, where split, crack and mold might occurs due to long-term sunlight exposure and rain wash, the aluminum structure is antirust. What’s more, the heavy-duty aluminum glamping tent is also strong wind withstand and 15+ years lifespan.

  • Waterproof and sunblocking material.

For building 5-star glamping resort in the jungle or rainforest where rains a lot, the waterproof performance would be one of the major factors that you should consider when choosing the glamping tent material.

Therefore, Glitzcamp applies the waterproof fabric to cover roof and sidewalls. As for the campsite which is located at the dry and hot areas, the canvas fabric with better air permeability to provide a comfortable living environment.

  • Flexible fixation method.

As a part of glamping spirit, living at the place that no one has ever imagined or experienced is what makes a glamping vacation unique. Which means the glamping resort could be built on an uneven mountain trail, rocks, sand, grassland or even cliff. Luckily, Glitzcamp has developed a completed fixation method to firmly set your glamping hotel on any locations.

Spacious Glamping Tent for Cozy Accommodation

The luxury safari tent from our multi-peak lodge tent series is the gazebo tent with two hexagonal rooms. The ensuite glamping tent contains an interior space of 44.7 sqm and an outdoor patio of 26 sqm. The two rooms contain the area of a master bedroom, one bathroom, and a living room to let visitor enjoy a relaxing night.

Thanks to the superb design, the luxury safari tent contains advantages as follow,

1.High peak to prevent rain from accumulating. When rain season arrives, raindrop will drain along the roof rather than accumulating on top.

2.Tensile membrane to cover outdoor leisure space. The tensile membrane applied on the roof allow the tent to cover more outdoor space. Therefore, outdoor spa and poolside lounge chair can be set to provide an outdoor viewing platform.

3.Ecological and luxury resort to perfectly merge into nature landscape. Inspired by the beautiful curve of mountains, the 3 peaks lodge tent harmoniously merge into the green forest. What’s better, Glitzcamp offers custom design on the tarpaulin color to better fits campsite in different themes and locations.

Similarly, Glitzcamp also provides mono peak lodge and twin-peak resort tent to bring more suite options to your campsite. And also high peak cafe tent to build dining and lounge area.


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