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Glamping Tent Is Hot Nowadays

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent is a dedicate company working to provide luxury glamping spaces for people who want to to experience the feeling of freedom, enjoy the outdoor life but not miss the comfort of home.

Materials for Glamping Tent

Our tents are installed with structures constructed by stainless steel that enables these structures to be durable and portable because of their top quality and light weight features.

Fabrics as coverings for our glamping tents could be printed or curved with any design you want, and combined with special designs from us, our eco hotels would be rain, UV and flame proof, and meanwhile, noise and heat would be eliminated, thus providing comfortable accommodating spaces.

Generally, an eco hotels could hold a family of 3 or 4 members, and provide them with comfortable bed, appropriate bathroom, luxury furniture and tidy carpets as well as lighting system, which would make our glamping tent informal and welcoming.

Our Tents Provide Great Care

Our tents, combining unique luxury tented accommodation with wonderful food & warm hospitality, enables people in modern society a great way to enjoy lifestyles of outdoors, and as time goes by, this way of enjoying leisure times would become more and more popular.


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