Inflatable Bubble Tent – Wonderful Choice for Camping

Passion & Dedication

Inflatable Bubble Tent Is Perfect for Camping

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent has been working on inflatable bubble tent to make it more user-friendly and pleasing, and when people go out for sightseeing, they could still be treated as if they are at home.

Inflatable Bubble Tent Features

This kind of bubble differs from traditional ones mainly due to its clear surface and well equipped facilities. For the covering, wholly transparent fabrics are used to resist rain and UV, and due to there are no metal profiles, the whole tent could be easily set up and removed, in addition, transportation process could also be easy and cost effective.

Camping with Our Bubble Provides Great Feelings

Imagine if you apply such an inflatable bubble tent in you backyard, you and your family could enjoy a wonderful weekend by admiring shinning stars and the moon, and by feeling the touch of the night, if you go out with a bubble, you could also relish the freedom of wildlife and the comfort brought by modern tech.

Living outside fears harmful insects, in order to protect human safety, we have insect screens, nets and some other solutions to keep them away, so that living outside in the inflatable bubble tent would be totally safe and comfortable.