Glass Geodesic Dome House – a Good Choice for Backyard Lounge

To spy what danger on his pathway creeps;
Go where he will, the wise man is at home,
His heart the earth, – his hall the azure dome.
                                – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If I have a backyard, I’ll choose an azure glass geodesic dome house as a lounge. Why? The glass dome covered with clear see-through glass panel enable me to take a rest, enjoying the backyard scenery,  but also offering a small outdoor recreation for kids and family to have quality time together. Families can enjoy the feeling of breaking the rule and going back to nature at the same time.

I finally found my dream dome house. It is provided by GLITZCAMP GLAMPING TENT CO.LTD. I felt at ease in the glass dome house and was content with it. You must be curious about why I love this glass geodesic dome house. Now, I will tell you why.

Geodesic dome house with Clear Glass Cover –

First, its azure cover is like the blue sky. When I lie down in it, it just feels like that I am in harmony with the Mother Nature. Second, the glass cover enables me to enjoy the scenery of nature, with blue sky, green grass without obstacle. Third, the tempered glass is fire-retardant, waterproof, and UV resistant so I needn’t to worry about the bad weather.

Its dome structure provides me safety

The geodesic dome is composed of a framework of triangles in a polyhedron pattern so it is stable and safe for me to stay inside.

The good-quality framework is also the reason why I love the product of Glitzcamp. The lifespan of aluminium alloy is more than 30 years so I needn’t worry about it will go bad.


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