Geodesic Dome With Colored Frame

Glitzcamp is the professional manufacturer of glamping tents for resorts, hotels, and campsite etc.  It manufactures geodesic dome for customers. Here are some features of our geodesic dome.

Good-Quality & Portable

It’s high quality. Aluminium alloy, the material of our glass dome house, has been used in aircraft and other aircraft structure for a long history.
It’s portable. Compared to steel, aluminum alloy is much lighter. The same size of aluminum weighs only one third of iron or steel. You can transport and construct it easily.

Good-thermal-stability & Safe

It’s good-thermal-stability.Tempered glass is the cover of our geodesic dome. The capacity of withstanding temperature of the tempered glass is three times as the ordinary one. It can withstand the temperature difference of 300 ℃.
It’s safe.When the glass was destroyed by out force, the debris will become a substance similar to the honeycomb obtuse broken small particles. Therefore, you can feel free to use our geodesic dome.

Multiple Choice of Covers

Various covers can be provided by our company Glitzcamp, including transparent and colored glass, PC board, and PVC cover etc. You can choose the one you like.

Professional Team

We have professional online service and sales team to reply to your inquiry promptly and offer turnkey solutions according to your real situation. And we also provide after-sale service and sales track to improve our products.

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