France Bubble Hotel of Great Convenience and Luxury

Passion & Dedication

France Bubble Hotel Is Functional

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent is a company of great enthusiasm to provide people with different feelings on their camping, and that’s why we designed and manufactured the France bubble hotel which if of great convenience and luxury.

Features of the France Bubble Tent

Our Bubbles are all formed with transparent PVC fabrics which featured rain and UV proof, so that our tents would be cozy and comfortable, in addition, light weight fabrics make these bubble tents easy to be installed and moved, and inner space air could be refreshed frequently, so that even stay inside the bubble tent all the time, people can also enjoy the fresh air of wild field.

Since the France bubble hotel is wholly transparent, people inside would always enjoy nice and attracting views, and when spending the night at a clear evening, shinning stars would be so heart-touching, when it gets to the dawn, sun rises would also be so exciting.

Our Glamping Tents Are Uncompareable

To better accommodate people who camping with our bubble tents, we equip all bubbles as well as other tents with all luxury stuffs ranging from furniture to bathrooms, from cooking to lodging, people would feel so comfortable glamping in our France bubble hotel.

What need to emphasize is that to create different feelings or atmosphere, colors of this transparent bubble could be alternated by changing the color of chandeliers, and that’s what matters a lot.