Elliptical Dome for Luxury Glamping Resort on the Beach, Tropical Forest

Elliptical Dome with Clear Front Design For Glamping Accommodation Resort

The combination of a comfortable accommodation and the beautiful scenery.
The beautiful sunrise and sunset is absolutely the scenery that you don’t wanna miss when glamping out on the beach, mountain or valley. That’s why GLITZCAMP specially designed the Elliptical Dome with a clear front for glamping resorts with a beautiful scenery.No need to go outside. As the most fascinating view is there under your dome. Now, Woken up in the warm sunlight and fallen asleep under a starry sky is never a dream.

Specifications of the Elliptical Dome

The elliptical dome is one of the new design with our Glamping Dome Tent Series. Inherited from the Spherical Geodesic Dome, the ellipse dome house is framed with galvanized steel and covered with waterproof PVC tent tarp. The dome structure itself is durable for over 15 years.
The standard oval dome house totally covers an area of 31 sqm, which includes a 20 square meters bedroom and one 11 square meters bathroom. It is the glamping room perfect for a couple, small family with 2 – 3 people.
Comparing to the traditional half sphere glamping dome tent, the elliptical dome is lower in height, eliminating unnecessary cost on a high ceiling and offering a more cost-effective solution. On the other hand, it expands the width and offers more practical space for installing living facilities, decorations, and a bathroom.

Interior decoration reference for the Elliptical Dome Room

If your glamping resort project is still in the planning process and yet having no ideas for the interior decoration design. Take a look at how we do it and get the brief idea. This dome ellipse is decorated in the Ocean style. It is installed with essential living facilities including a queen size bed, two nightstands, one small round table, two chairs, and one cloth rack. As for the bathroom, it includes a washing basin, a shower, and the toilet.
Is this dome ellipse suitable for my glamping campsite in the tropical area, humid countries, or mountainous area? This answer is absolutely YES. Since we also supply the glamping dome with a wooden platform to build campsite on any uneven ground.
Glitzcamp offers our glamping tents products for sale worldwide to the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South America, Vietnam and etc.

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