7M Ecoliving Dome Tents for Eco Farms

Glamping domes – a new idea in the farm industry in Sanya

It’s not rare to see farms turning into glamping sites these days. People in the farm indusrtry see the emerging glamping industry as a possibility to diversify and make change. And the results showed that it was wise of them to be involved in the glamping industry. The payback is fast and the profit is impressive.

It was under this trend that Glitzcamp supplied a turnkey tent solution to an innovative farm in Zhongliao village in Sanya. The project contained three 7m geodesic dome tents, each covering an area of 38sqm. Based on the tropical monsoon climate of Sanya, Glitzcamp made a customised plan, from foundation, struture to interior decoration.

What makes  dome tents durable and long-lasting?

Foundation: Glizcamp built an anticorrosion wood platform supported by steel columns. The platform lifts the dome tent up from the ground, avoiding rain, mud or insects. The foundation used no cement so it’s totally relocatable. Meanwhile, wood foundation makes it both fast and eco-friendly to set up or disassemble the dome tents.

Structure: powder coated steel pipe and stainless steel connectors and bolts make up a 7 (Diameter) × 3.5 (Height) dome structure. The structure is stable and durable with a life span of more than 10 years. Besides, the dome structure is completely freestanding, leaving 100% usable space for interior decoration.

Cover: Glitzcamp applies half-clear and half-white PVC coated polyester fabric for the cover. The clear front enables glampers to see the farm while staying in the dome. The cover is added with a layer of insulated cotton so it won’t be too hot inside. What’s more, the PVC fabric is water-proof, fire-retardant and easy to clean, with a warranty of 5 years.

What makes dome tents livable as boutique hotels?

Insterior decoration: with a large space of 38sqm, it’s not hard to accomodate important living facilities to make a livable and comfortable room. The facilities include wood floor, a queen bed, table, chairs, nightstand, clothstand, air conditioner and en-suite bathroom.

The spacious interior and modern facilities make it the top choice for couples who love farm experiences and also want to live comfortably. It is also the perfect place for parents to spend quality time with kids.

The charm of ecofarm is that unlike natural resorts, it enables the tourists to truly experience farm life. Now that ecofarm is not news anymore, one needs something that help him to stand out from all others. The farm in Zhongliao Village saw that and made it with our unique and high-performance dome tents.

The dome tent is more than a place to sleep for one night, but a home that tourists will miss.


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