Connected Clear Bubble Tent Forming Better Space

Clear Bubble Tent Dealt Differently

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent is now offering people with different choices on glamping outside their homes, and the connected clear bubble tent is considered as an improvement on providing better camping space.

Features of the Clear Bubble Tent

Such kind of bubble tent differs from normal ones mainly due to they are connected together, and the larger covering percentage of clear PVC fabrics are also featured rain, UV and flame proof, of course, such light weight structures could easily be removed, thus to minimize threats from potential danger to ensure safety.

The clear bubble tent is so nice-looking that many of our customers fell in love with its design, the crystal like appearance would make your camping dreamlike.

By connecting two bubbles together, it provides more space and holds more people, them a family of many members could enjoy camping together. Meanwhile, more necessary devices and facilities could be put inside, thus providing people with better enjoyment.

Feelings of Camping With Our Bubbles

Lying in the connected clear bubble tent, staring at the starry sky, pursuing freedom of camping, feeling the pulse of nature, you and your friends, lovers and family members would be linked more tight, and enjoying such a camping on weekends, life would be felt so interesting.