Bubble Tent Hotel – An Unique Design of Tent Hotel

Bubble Tent Hotel Is Popular

Glitzcamp Glamping, as an experienced glamping tent manufacturer, has developed many kind styles of tents for camping to satisfy people with different demands, and the bubble tent hotel, due to its crystal looking, is favored and liked by many.

Our Materials and Facilities of the Bubble Tent Hotel

To ensure safety of local environment and people themselves, our light weight tent hotels could be removed quickly in case of potential threats, and the transportation and installation process would also be easy.

To make the bubble tent hotel different from normal ones, transparent PVC fabrics featured rain and UV proof, together with well equipped furnishing and living facilities, the tent hotel would be so cozy and comfortable, and thus provide people with fantastic living conditions.

Camping with Our Bubbles Is A Great Way to Relief

Modern life is busy and stressed, and after a week of busy work, going out for camping is considered a great choice to relieve themselves especially with our wonderful bubble tent hotel, for families, going out together to enjoy nature sightseeing is great to strengthen ties among members.

Living inside the bubble, watching sun rises, relishing nature sightings, enjoying luxury treatments and lying under starry sky, life would be so quiet and smooth, minds would also be relaxed.