Bubble Lodge Provides Uncomparable Glamping Space

Bubble Lodge Is Nice Camping Choice

Glitzcamp Glamping Tent offers dreamlike experiences for people who want to explore the wild, chase the freedom in the forest, relax their minds in tourist attractions and admire the water and hills in the countryside, with the help of the bubble lodge, that kind of life would be so enjoyable.

Material Features of the Bubble Lodge

Consisted of pure transparent PVC fabrics, you could directly get the view of outside surroundings without going out, meanwhile, these light weight materials would make the transportation and installation processes more easy to be effected, and at the same time, do not cost much.

Such kind of inflatable bubble lodge usually accommodate 2-3 people, which is exactly a member of a little family, by going out for camping together, relationships among family members would be strengthened.

Bubble Lodge Makes a Revolution on Camping

Camping, in most people’s opinions, means living a hard life, but nowadays, you could enjoy convenience and enjoyment brought by modern tech while do not miss fantastic nature sightseeing, with complete devices and accessories, the dreamlike bubble lodge would just look like a portable hotel.

To ensure safety, these portable lodges are fire proof, and meanwhile to eliminate threats from wild field like insects, we have insect-screens and other methods to keep them away.