Bubble Hotel In the Open Air

Passion & Dedication

Bubble Hotel Is A New Trial for Camping

Glitzcamp Glamping aims to provide people with different feelings when camping, and the bubble hotel, which is rarely seen, is like an lamp or a fish tank, and people inside would have brand new feelings about camping.

Materials for Bubble Hotel

Our bubbles are purely constructed by transparent PVC fabrics, which means these inflatable tent would be so light weighted, so that transportation and installation processes would be so easy and quick, besides, our fabrics are of high quality, so you would no need to worry about gas leaking and bubble hotel collapsing.

Though covered by clear fabrics, the bubble resists UV and eliminates heat when it’s hot, and of course, rain and fire could be prevented from doing harm to our tents and inner space.

Well Equipped Camping Choice

Of course, to better accommodate and serve to people who go glamping in out bubbles, we provide complete facilities and devices covering accommodating, furnishing, lighting and event cooking if required, then people could enjoy comforts of modern tech while admiring the beauty of nature.

Glamping with our bubble hotel, breathing fresh air, staring at the starry sky, feeling the pulse of nature and relishing the feeling of freedom, how romantic it will be.

You can also find different feelings by adjusting the color of inner chandeliers, so that the transparent bubble would change its color accordingly, and that’s really something nice.