6m Eco Living Dome Tents For Glamping Resort

In the wide open plain, our eco living domes become tourists’ first choice for accommodation. The domes are set up on the wooeden flatform which keeps dome away from damp ground. The half clear top bay window makles a panormic view for glampers to enjoy the outside views, watching stars in the evening.

Glitzcamp offers interior designing for your dome to combine the local cultural features while having the comfortable 5-star hotel living experience. With large bed, Separated bathroom, HAVC system, stove, carpet etc, ensure the 2-4 guests a sweet sleep night.

Our Glamping Domes can be set up at any locations. We have made successfull projects in all kinds of ground conditions, in desert resort, beach resort, mountain areas, prarie…..any remote nature places.

The resort dome rooms were booked and sold out a week earlier. People and kids like these glamping domes so much. Our clients are planning to order more domes for his resort. He said he only need 10 night to pay off a dome and bringing him big profit. Contact us for price info@glitzcamp.com
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