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Live Next to Nature In a Geodesic Glamping Dome

— Special Dome Accommodation makes the unforgettable resort.

You might have seen enough of luxury casino hotels in those busy city. However, have you ever seen glamorous glamping dome hotels in remote areas, offering a completely different and special accommodation experience? Here people can get away from chaos and completely relax. Sounds attractive, right?

If you own vacant land, or you happen to be involved in resort construction project, Glitzcamp might lend a helping hand to build up such a nature resort by offer glamping dome structure.

Geodesic Glamping Dome House with Clear Front to Merge with Nature

The design of the transparent front and opaque back is not just for an indoor scenery viewing deck, but also for a private, covered bathroom. Travelers can admire the spectacular natural scenery in their hotel room and also fully enjoy private space at the same time.

Of course, half clear dome house with door, white igloo house or completely clear dome room are also available if needed.

Dome Hotels with Steel Base for campsite in any location

Moreover, this glamping dome igloo is fixed onto a preset steel base foundation. It makes the glamping dome igloo more adaptable to uneven grounds like highland, cliff, and soft lands like lakeside or snow land.
Whether your luxury camping resort is in hot desert countries like Dubai, Arabic, Pakistan, India; tropical countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Africa, Australia; and mountainous countries like USA, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru.

Insulated Glamping Dome Igloo for Campsite in Cold Area

What’s better, the glamping dome house installed with insulation cotton is provided to preserved heat. Such a resort tent solution works perfectly for hotels in humid and extreme cold countries like United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain and Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Iceland, and etc.

Glamping Dome Igloo attached with complete living facilities

What makes Glitzcamp the ideal glamping dome resort solution supplier is that we do not only provide the dome structure for sale but also offering whole set of interior living facilities including a bed, table, clothes rack and attached bathroom. Therefore, the dome tents hotel can put into business right after installation and start to make a profit.



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