Luxury Glamping Getaway to Tented Resort in Myogi-yama Japan

Luxury Glamping Getaway to Tented Resort in Myogi-yama Japan

Sometimes, living in a big modern city does not come with convenience and a colorful life, but also frustration and tiredness. I bet those people who work so hard to make a living in a busy city will absolutely have the same feeling. For that reason, Glamping weekend has gradually and unstoppable growing and getting more and more popular. It is the time when family and friends get together and share some quality time, as well as the time for stress release.

This time, Glitzcamp comes to Gunma Prefecture, Japan to plan and set up a glamping campsite on the mountain. Living here would allow you to enjoy a serenity, relaxing two-day vacation staying closed to the nature. As also, this is the glamping resort with wonderful activities, modern facilities and scenic spot to give full enjoyment.

Let’s have a tour to the campsite, inspecting what it contains and what brings it to a success.

Campsite highlight 1: A Perfect Location for Glamping.

The tented lodge is located on a scenic mountain. This is also the nationally famous hometown of cherry blossom. Visitors can find the “pink” mountain being covered with cherry blossom when the blooming season arrived. As also, it is the perfect travel destination for a leisure weekend.

Campsite Highlight 2: Luxury Glamping Accommodation.

Even though staying outdoor in the wild but yet feeling comfortable.

The mountain tented resort comes with two types of glamping suites. The two glamping rooms in different designs offer unique living experience for visitors. No matter which design will absolutely make good photos for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that your friends will jealous.

(1). Camping trailer with queen size bed, single bed and bunk bed for 5 man accommodation.

The travel trailer is semi-permanently set on the campground to offer sleeping space. Once entering the truck, you just can’t help being surprised by its superior design. How can this small truck only measuring 12 maccommodate 5 men at one time. Moreover, it does not only contain beds, but also small shelf and dresser.

(2). Geodesic glamping dome tent without bathroom for 4-man accommodation.

Designed by Glitzcamp, the glamping dome kits measures 6m in diameter, totally covering 28 sqm. Instead of fitting a bedroom for 2-man and one bathroom, the campsite designer sets 4 single beds and one small coffee table inside of the dome. It does not only make place for a comfortable sleep but also a lounge space for friends and family to gather around and chat.

As also, a small dresser, drawer and air conditioner are all set in the room to provide storage space and temperature control system.

Campsite Highlight 3: Delicious BBQ Party and Wonderful Food.

Even though staying outdoor in the wild but yet feeling comfortable.

After finding a place to live, where to eat should be another major problem. Remember, this is glamping but not camping. Most of the travelers would like to go on an easy trip without taking a lot of luggage and belongings, not to mention food.

Therefore, the campsite also prepared outdoor BBQ or fine dinner for all visitors. Friends can sit around the grill, drink a beer and enjoy wonderful time. While couples can also sit on the terrace and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Campsite Highlight 4: Wonderful Glamping Schedule

The way that people enjoy a trip can be varied. Some of them would like to fully enjoy the two-day vacation and spend time visiting place of interest or wondering around the town. While some others just wanna sit down, have a cup of coffee, reading a book or talking with friends. Luckily, the campsite owner have the solutions for both two types of visitors.

For the those who wants to have some leisure time, Glitzcamp specially designs the dome cafe measuring 10 meters in diameter for the lodge reception as well as a lounge. With the design of 30% clear and 70% white, even sitting inside the dome can also have a full vision to the outdoor scenery.

And for those who would like to visit the town, the campsite have also planned and suggested several travel routes to enhance the the enjoyment. Visitors can follow the lead to play the golf, experience the hot spring, or pay a visit to the traditional Japanese temples.

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