Natural Glamping Escape to Rainforest Eco Glamping Camp

Natural Glamping Escape to Rainforest Eco Glamping Camp

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This is the tropical rainforest located in Xishuangbanna, Yunan, China, home to various of endangered species.

Who would imagine that back in the 90s this land has only two colors, dark green during summer and grey when winter. All this blames to the massive planting of rubber trees. Driven by economic interests, a vast of original woods were cut down and burned to free up land for rubber trees.

It was in 1997 that the project of reforestation farming. But also brought irreparable damage to the rainforest ecosystem.

The destruction of tropical rainforests has brought about a series of problems such as soil erosion, climate change and biodiversity loss. The local people are aware of these problems and are actively remedying them.

Furthermore, they also want more people to recognize the importance and significance of the rainforest ecology. To this end, they would like to build an experience campsite to let people walk into the rainforest and get close to the rainforest.

On the one hand, they do not want to cause further damage to the fragile rainforest system; on the other hand, they do not want people to get an uncomfortable accommodation experience. In this case, they found Glitzcamp to create an ECO glamping camp.

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Minimal Damage to The Rainforest Ecosystem

In order not to destroy this beautiful and fragile land, Glitzcamp has specially customized environmentally friendly twin-peak lodge tents for the campsite.

Whether it is raw materials or the installation process, our glamping tents are green and non-polluting, causing minimal damage to the environment and the land.

What we are pursuing is what the camp owners expect: people and nature live in harmony.

Unique and Luxury Glamping Experience

Enjoy luxury in nature–This will be your deepest feeling!

The rainforest eco glamping camp comes with two types of glamping suites. The two glamping rooms in different designs offer unique living experience for visitors. If you are interested, just keeping reading.

1.Twin-peak Luxury Lodges Glamping

The interior of the tent can be divided into a bedroom (for two people) and a bathroom.

Especially in high-temperature climates, the presence of a warm bathroom is essential and important for improving the comfort of outdoor accommodation. Besides, the whole lodge tent is built on a wooden platform.

The outdoor space of this glamping tent is also fully utilized. Outside the tent, tables and chairs can be placed to serve as the living room and the reception area. Visitors can sit down together and enjoy the beauty of this unspoiled land.

2.A-shaped African Safari Tents

There is spacious inner space to hold small groups of 3-4 persons.

Each safari tent comes with all necessary living facilities for your comfort and pleasure, including 2 beds, a bedside table, several chairs and some other furniture.

Apart from the roomy bedroom, there is a bathroom, where you don’t need to leave the tent to enjoy a shower, and a small porch where you can sit down and chat with you loved ones.

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