Dia.7m Geodesic Dome For Glamping Business on Private Orchard

Dia.7m Geodesic Dome For Glamping Business on Private Orchard

Ecological Dome Cabin for Glamping Business on Private Property

How to take advantages of private land with spectacular scenery and make a profit.

To those who own a farm, orchard or winery on a scenery spot, they must be so willing to share the stunning view with friends from all around the world. That’s why more and more landowner would like to start a glamping business on their property.

Luxury and Livable Glamping Dome Igloo for Glamping Accommodation in Orchard

Glitzcamp sells glamping dome tent to Spain for eco-living glamping suite on an orchard and winery. Located on the mountain overviewing the city and sea, the eco campsite does not only bring visitors closer to nature, but also provides comfort while living in the wild.

  • An Eco-living dome facing the wonderful view.

The Dia.7m geodesic dome tent comes with a large clear bay window, which faces the direction of sunrise and sunset. Being installed on a wooden platform, the eco-dome room also comes with an outdoor patio space.

  • The Dome Tent with functional living space

Getting closer into the interior, you will be surprised by how multi-function the dome is. Every inch of space is fully utilized. Despite the dome tent only covers a ground area of 38 sqm, it contains a bathroom, a small kitchen, a bedroom for 3 and a dining and lounge area in the front.

How to make a popular glamping campsite

Tips you need to know when planning and running a glamping site.

1. Choose an ideal location. The location is always the premiere factors to decide whether your campsite has the potential to become a popular travel destination or not. It could either located on a mountain with a stunning view, a farm or garden with beautiful plants and cute animals, or a cliff with various extreme sports like skydiving. No matter what it is, the location decides which direction you should go when designing and promoting the glamping site.
2. Select a proper structure. The glamping cabin, pods or luxury lodge also have an effect on the business. It should go with the theme you set according to the campsite location. For an ecological glamping site on farm, garden, lakeside, you can choose glamping dome pods in sphere shape or a dewdrop dome house in an egg shape or wooden pods. For a luxury glamping resort hidden in the wildlife or nature park, the peak lodge tent or our Thai villa tent is a perfect match. They can harmoniously fit into nature.
3. Decorate the room with living facilities. Deco the tent according to the theme you set. You can properly divide space into different functional areas with the use of wooden partition panels.
4. Extend service range and glamping site activities. You can start with one or two main features of the Develop more activities area, expand service scope, enriching accommodation diversity can all be the option. Also coming along with the location, the main features of this glamping site is rich farm activities and animals.
5. Promote the glamping site. The promotion includes online promotion and local promotion. Local promotion including flyer, travel magazine branding. While online promotion including blogging, Youtube video promotion, and online booking platform.

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