3D Animation Video of Eco Living Dome Installation

How to set up a Dia.6m glamping dome and decorations within 3 hours

The video is mainly showing you the design of a glamping dome igloo containing the space for one bedroom and one bathroom. And also briefly showing you the installation step and process of the geodesic dome tent.
To set up a geodome, you could follow the steps of

  1. Install the base or platform.
  2. Set Floor material setting.
  3. Place big furniture such as bed and sofa in advanced.
  4. Erect the geodesic dome frame and window frame.
  5. Cover the roof with PVC tarp.
  6. Install the door.
  7. Add decorations and living facilities.
Dimension Range of the Geodesic Dome
Eco Living Dome
Size Total Aare Capacity Design
Dia.5m 19 sqm 1-2 People Bedroom x1
Dia.6m 28 sqm 1-2 People Bedroom x1,
Bathroom x1
eco glamping dome house - igloo dome tent resort - tents hotel (25)

Dia.5m Glamping Dome Hotel

glamping dome - 6m sphere dome hotels - accommodation dome igloo - eco glamping dome house - igloo dome tent resort - tents hotel (29)

Dia.6m Eco Living Dome Igloo

Recreation & Catering Dome
Size Total Area Standing Round Table
Dia.5m 19m² 30 ppl 8 ppl
Dia.8m 50 m² 75 ppl 35 ppl
Dia.10m 79 m² 115 ppl 65 ppl
Dia.15m 177 m² 300 ppl 135 ppl
Dia.20m 314 m² 550 ppl 250 ppl
Dia.30m 706 m² 1200 ppl 650 ppl

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