Luxury Lodge Tent Campsites on Various Locations

Snowy Area

Luxury Lodge Tent Campsites Inspiration

Luxury lodge tents from Glitzcamp are framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy and covered with waterproof PVC coated polyester fabric. The framework gives it the features of water discharging, wind withstand, and flame retardant.

Luxury Lodge Tent Campsite Design for Inspiration of Glamping Resort in Various Location

In order to visually show you how nice it looks for the luxury lodge tent being set on various glamping locations and conditions, Glitzcamp offers those drawings of the campsite planning.
With the help from our Luxury lodge tent, glamping resort can be open on various locations, ranging from:

  • Humid and hot tropical countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Morocco and etc.
  • Forest or winery in France, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Japan, Peru, Indonesia, and etc.
  • Snowy or cold area such as Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Korea, and etc.
  • Mountainous plateau area such as Mongolia, Chile, Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, and etc.
  • Or even desert area such as Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and etc.

Welcome to contact us, telling us your glamping resort ideas.

Desert Area
Nature Park
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